Emacs 29 C# Setup

Use C# in Emacs 29.1

The internet is full of C# on Emacs guides that are basically outdated now that emacs includes csharp-mode and eglot out of the gate.

But, I could not find any guides on what to do instead. Probably because it's really simple. Still you need to know where to look: Emacs 29.1 comes preloaded with variable eglot-server-programs configured to look for omnisharp. So all you have to do is go to Omnisharp releases and download the release that fits your system. Be aware that you probably need one of the "-net6.0" releases if you are using a recent version of .Net.

Then extract the release to some path and add that path to your exec-path variable in Emacs. Ex. via C-h v exec-path and using customize.

Now you should be all set to launch M-x eglot next time you are in a C# file. At least it works on my machine.

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