Learn MetaPost

Consider the following pseudo-code:

f = 8
f = 4*x

What is x?

Most programmers will probably say that x is unknown. But anyone else will tell you that x is obviously 2.

MetaPost will tell you the same.

This allows you to write code in a rather different manner than most other programming languages. It makes it a joy to use MetaPost to illustrate geometrical relationsships. MetaPost is generally a fun language and a great way to produce high quality illustrations.

Unfortunately the novel style can also make it a little difficult to get started. MetaPost has a great manual, but not so many tutorials. So I wrote a lille course that walks the complete novice through all the steps from installation to the successfull production of images like the one below. Check it out at LearnMetaPost.com.

Some more of my own MetaPost figures are visible here

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